About Chapter 7

How Does Chapter 7 Work in the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows an individual or married couple to eliminate their debts and “start over.” In most cases, you keep your personal property (clothes, furniture, electronics) while wiping out unsecured debts. The type of debt that Chapter 7 can eliminate includes:

  • credit card debt
  • medical bills
  • automobile repossession deficiency claims
  • old apartment rent
  • signature loans
  • personal loans
  • old telephone bills
  • old utility bills (electricity, gas, cable, water & sewer)

If you own a house, a car or other “secured” debts, you can either give up the secured collateral and eliminate the obligation or, in many cases, you can elect to “reaffirm” the secured debt, continue to make payments and keep your house, car or other secured property.