No one wants to file for bankruptcy.  Sometimes, however, a debt load that you just cannot manage forces you to consider the bankruptcy option.  The economic downturn in the United States that started in 2008 has lead many hard working, honest men and women to seek the protection afforded by the United States’ bankruptcy laws.  Perhaps you are one of those people who find yourself looking at a stack of “past due” bills and an empty checking account.

Central Florida has been especially hard hit financially.  Home values have plummeted and employers are laying off workers.   If you can find a new job, you are more likely than not going to earn less than you did 10 years ago.

Many experts predict that the United States will not emerge from this current downturn for 5 more years.

What’s Best for You and Your Family?

We are not trying to depress you with doom and gloom, but the reality we are facing suggests that it will be hard enough getting through the next 5 years and that the last thing you need to contend with are old debts that hold you back even further.

Bankruptcy will not solve all of your problems, but it will give you a fresh start.  You can use the bankruptcy laws to:

  • eliminate or greatly reduce credit card debt
  • eliminate or greatly reduce repossession deficiency claims
  • cancel leases you can no longer afford
  • walk away from a mortgage if you are way behind or if the home value has dropped far below the loan balance

Bankruptcy can also stop bad things from happening:

  • you can stop a pending foreclosure and get a second chance to cure your mortgage loan default
  • you can stop a pending repossession and restructure your vehicle loan
  • you can stop an eviction
  • you can cancel credit card interest rate hikes

Find Out if Bankruptcy Can Help You

Obviously everyone’s case will be unique and not every bankruptcy benefit will apply to you.  However, you’ll never know what bankruptcy could do unless  you ask for advice.  And the good news here is that quality legal advice about bankruptcy will cost you….nothing.   If you decide to file, you will have to pay a filing fee and attorney’s fees, but there is never a fee to run your situation by an experienced and caring bankruptcy lawyer.

So, please don’t be embarrassed or fearful to ask for help.  We will not judge you and everything you discuss with us will remain completely confidential.  Thanks for dropping by our site and we hope to hear from you soon.